Professional Firms & Fleet Managers

Get More Mileage From Your Promotions

Many accounting and tax preparation firms resell Vehicle Mileage & Maintenance Record Books or provide them to their customers as premium gifts.  They gain name recognition and referrals by imprinting their company name and contact information on the vehicle or truck mileage logs.

If you don't need 500 automobile mileage log books (the minimum order for customizing), try one or more of these ideas that some of our customers are using with great success:

  • Attach your business card to the inside or outside log covers with a glue stick
  • Attach stickers with your logo and contact information
  • Send the mileage log with a thank you letter that also requests referrals
  • Send coupons to prospects and/or customers to redeem upon their next office visit

A Convenient Auto Mileage Log for . . .

  • Service Fleets
  • Business Consultants
  • Financial Advisors
  • Sales Team Leaders and . . .

. . . other professionals who can purchase the Vehicle Mileage Record Book in quantities to help increase name recognition and customer referrals.

Call our toll free line at (505) 228-5189 if you have any questions or order Mileage Books online to start your promotional campaign this week.  Generous discounts are available when purchasing larger quantities of milage log books- great for fleets (call for additional discounts on the Vehicle Mileage & Maintenance Record Book or our other mileage log books).

You can count on our auto mileage logs to provide your clients with a useful tool while presenting your company in the best light.  This is an elegant and durable mileage log that will conveniently track mileage for up to two years.

Mileage log for fleet vehicles Manage Fleet Vehicles

 If you operate a fleet of vehicles or if your employees drive their personal vehicles on behalf of your business, then this mileage log will make the task of tracking expenses simpler for the drivers and your accounting office.  When you buy discounted quantities for multiple vehicle/driver needs, your investment is minimal compared to the money you save due to accurate mileage and expense records and timely submissions because the Vehicle Mileage & Maintenance Record Book makes this essential task simple and quick.