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Why Use Paper Mileage Logs?

There are many reasons why business owners and professionals still use paper vehicle mileage logs.  It may seem old-fashioned; but, the tried and true method of using paper and pen is, believe it or not, the best way to ensure accurate and consistent recording of business mileage.

Consistency has researched almost every digital method, program and app designed to record mileage going back to the old Palm devices of the 90's.  Each one requires more time to access and use than simply opening a log book and making a couple of quick notes.  Even today's iPhone apps and other devices actually take more time to use than paper and pen.

This is important because the key to accurate and verifiable mileage records is making sure that every trip is noted.  What good are fancy gadgets if they don't get used?  Paper and pen is actually quicker.


Have you ever forgotten your phone when going someplace?  It happens and when it does, you won't have your mileage recording tool handy.  However, a mileage log book stays in your vehicle.  Some people wedge it between seats, place it in the door map holder or in the glove box.  The key is that the mileage log is always located in the car, truck or van.


Paper does not disappear into cyberspace.  Whether operator error or information technology disaster strike, vehicle mileage records stored in a log book are always available.  Some employees (and owners) just have a difficult time with technology.  Everyone (well, almost everyone) knows how to write a note and a mileage number in the correct box on a simple form.  Your bookkeeper will appreciate consistently available information more than records that are not findable.


Sometimes the simple way is the best way.  The Vehicle Mileage & Maintenance Record Book was designed by a small business owner who needed a simple way to take care of a cumbersome task.  As long as he was going to make it simpler, he decided to design a mileage log book that was attractive, durable and a good value.


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