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Satisfied Vehicle Mileage Log Customers

Thousands of individuals and business have purchased the Vehicle Mileage & Maintenance Record Book because it is the best designed and durable auto mileage log available for purchase on the internet.

Great Service

I wanted to ‘Thank You’ for the service you provided for ordering the mileage books. We received them this morning and are very pleased. They are exactly what we are looking for.
Lisa S.
Indianapolis, IN

Reasonable Shipping Charges

Like the new site.  Very reasonable shipping and handling.

Appreciates IRS Mileage Rate Updates

Thank you very much for the free mini newsletter. Much appreciated and a nice touch. I saw other, less expensive mileage books, but I don\'t feel they would have gone the extra mile such as you did. Thanks again.
Jason S.

Truly Useful - Easy Ordering

We've been looking for a truly useful mileage book for our drivers for months. We found you through the Google Search engine. I'm so glad you\'re setup with PayPal, it makes ordering quick and easy? Thanks!
Jessica G.
Gilbert, AZ

Resells Auto Mileage Logs To Tax Customers

Almost all of our business tax customers buy copies of the Vehicle Mileage & Maintenance Record Book. We make a small profit but most importantly, our customers have a convenient way of keeping accurate records of their vehicle expenses.
Jay S.
Springfield, VA

Convenient Size

It fits perfectly in my map pocket and it only takes a few seconds to record my mileage every day.
Skokie, IL

The book is attractive and durable. I especially appreciate the fact that I can store a pen in the coil binding.
Albuquerque, NM

Effective Recording Book

. . . it is intuitive and has plenty of room to write all the notations required by the IRS. If you need an effective tool for writing down your mileage, parking fees and maintenance expenses, this is the product for you.
Joe Phillips
Phoenix, AZ

Customized Premium Gift

We are proud to stamp our company name on this attractive book and give it to our clients. What a perfect gift idea for any accounting firm!
Kathy G.
Windemere, FL

Tracks Tax Deductible Auto Expenses

The Vehicle Mileage & Maintenance Record Book is the best way to record daily trips and keep track of my tax deductible expenses. It has every form I need and it is designed to make the task easy and quick.
Russell M.
Denver, CO

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