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How Mileage Log Books Were Made

The Vehicle Mileage & Maintenance Record Book

The Best Auto Mileage Log Available - Guaranteed!

When David Sahd's accountant urged him to purchase an auto mileage log to record his business expenses back in 1990, he became frustrated with the products that were then available on the market. None of the mileage books offered in office supply stores provided the ease of use and quality that he needed.

Sahd tried products manufactured by Dome®, At-A-Glance®, FranklinCovey®, Tops®, Adams®, and a variety of spreadsheets and programs designed for the PalmPilot®. None of those auto mileage books met all of his needs and variously had many problems.

Problems With Other, Cheaper Mileage Logs
  • staples or wire binding broke down and caused the books to tear apart
  • covers made of non-durable materials
  • insufficient space to make required notations
  • not enough forms for tracking mileage for an entire year
  • lack of summary forms and places to write down maintenance informatio
  • no way to temporarily store receipts
  • spreadsheets and PDA programs were actually more time consuming than an easy to access auto mileage log

So, Sahd decided to make his own. He started out by designing the pages in 5.5" x 8.5" format so that there would be enough space to note all of the information that the IRS requires when logging mileage and expenses. He made sure there were enough forms to track mileage for at least one year.

Then he located a place where he could bind the forms together with plastic coil. This was crucial because plastic coil, unlike metal coil, is resiliant and does not crimp. Crimping causes auto mileage log books to not open and close properly and the pages tear away from the binding when they are turned.

He made sure that every form necessary was included so that he could log monthly summaries, maintenance expenses and maintenance check lists. He also bound in some envelopes so he could store gas receipts temporarily before filing them at the office.

Finally, other auto mileage log books he tried fell apart rather quickly when tossed about in his car. So he made the covers out of durable plastic to protect the forms and notes from spills and wear and tear.

He made a few for himself and friends. Everyone loved the Vehicle Mileage & Maintenance Record Books and encouraged him to produce more and sell them. The rest is history. As of 2015, over 53,000 of these quality auto mileage log books have been purchased and used by business motorists across the country.

Order one today with peace-of-mind - this auto mileage log comes with a satisfaction guarantee!

Auto Mileage Logs

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